REVELATION 3:20 Missionary Ministry and Biblical Teachings, Inc

Revelation 3:20, Missionary Ministry & Biblical Teachings, Inc., (referred to as Rev.3:20, MMBT) is a Christian congregation located in Miami, Florida. Revelation 3:20, MMBT was founded in the year 2000 in the state of Florida.Its institution evolved from the Missionary Ministry of Biblical Teachings of Anchor of International Salvation, Inc. This entity was the founder of affiliated group of churches and related ministries.


‘‘Without Education we are empty’ and knowledge is the tool for logic and reasoning; we become obsolete if we do not emphasize on education”. Education is guided by the spirit of love giving to the social spectrum, rather than an individual competition to be at the service of mankind”.

Dr. Narciso H. Montas, Founder of Revelation 3:20 MM&BT