Our Mission

Our faith in the vision was established in Habakkuk 2:2, “Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it”. In November 2000, Reverend Montas had a revelation of God. The Lord spoke to him and presented a path that had a sign on it that said Revelation 3:20, for this I have called upon you, so that you may knock on the door and preach my word. So that the world knows that through you I wish to enter the heart of our humanity. Then he showed him another path, where he saw all people of different cultures and race. They followed him and he looked back, he saw them exiting from dark places. At that point, Reverend Montas remembered what his life was like prior to knowing the Lord. The Lord then asked, do you remember this? What I did with you, I want to do with others. Teach them my Word, and prepare them as I did you, and continue to do. Guide them and tell them that I sent you so that they may come to know me as their Savior until the end. Our vision is to reach those who walk in the path of darkness, in a drug addiction or alcoholism, prostitution, and other social problems including familial relationship. Our staff is equipped to assist the community with these needs. 1. Empowering our youth in our community. We have engaged the services of a martial arts instructor, Dr. Jose Di Carlo so that we may teach at our recreational center for youths in our community. 2. Youth and leadership education - open to all of interested leaders. We teach the Word of God as applicable to leadership situation of our current movement. We take into consideration their talents, their educational level, and their physical and mental capacity as to place them in a position where each can maximize their talents through music, or other social activity. Hany Selmo, and Janyer Dominguez are our worship and social skills development leaders. 3. Family Christian Counseling and any other social service referral- necessary for outreach services in our community. Our Pastoral team has both secular and Christian counseling degrees as they apply both of these sciences to help the community. Rev. Narciso H. Montas, obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling and is the Pastor and leader of our ministry with over 10 years of pastoral experience. Mrs. Luz D. Montas is currently working under supervision of a secular employer to meet criteria to obtain Mental Health Counseling License. She is an ordained minister and is highly motivated to help our youth. Iris De Jesus, and Mark Fornaris, Esq. work the Immigration section of our ministry. Mr. Fornaris is a licensed immigration attorney in the State of Florida and supervises our immigration department. Ms. Iris De Jesus has over 15 years of professional immigration experience in all areas of immigration, including family, business immigration, and litigation and has worked with other renowned immigration attorneys during those years. 4. Our most important activity consists of feeding and clothing the homeless in impoverished areas of South Florida (Opa locka, downtown Miami, Homestead). Our church members are all part of this project. Collectively, we cook and offer a soup kitchen twice on a Saturday. Our Soup kitchen is organized by our Pastoral Group. Additionally, our parishioners visit hospitals, convalescent facilities, and homes to offer spiritual guidance and assistance. Toward this end, we are in the beginning of establishing The Membership Therapy Center, which will be a transitional out/patient & assisted living facility for the homeless. This project is in its initial stages and it is a project in the works. Finally, the main focus of our ministry is to assist community members to deal with the spiritual and natural controversies in their lives. We assist putting their issues in perspective, and provide a comprehensive array of programs to address issues of homelessness, mental health, domestic violence and others. These involve Christian education, culture, social and recreational activity, worship, and religious assistance particularly to the newly converted Christians to expand their knowledge with the word and identify the calling with God. Our Ministry is open to all who share the same vision.