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Revelation 3:20, MMBT was established as a Christian church and seeks to branch in the communities of South Florida. All of our affiliated ministries, including Rev. 3:20, MMBT are supported in its educational programs by the teaching ministry of Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College, an accredited University located in Tampa, Florida. Each ministry consists of a minimum of 100 family members who are affiliated to our organization. Our membership in the South Florida community consists of a highly culturally diversified population whose primary language is English or Spanish.

The foundation of our ministry is based on revelation to Senior Pastor Narciso H. Montas, who was called upon by the Lord on several occasions to commence this ministry which would be based on the Holy Scriptures in Apocalipsis 3:20, (Revelation 3:20). We strive to assist our community members to learn the Word of God, and prepare themselves to disseminate the Word and establish other ministries in the community. Senior Pastor Narciso H. Montas is duly accredited through the Faith Theological Seminary & Christian College having achieved their Degree in Doctor in Philosophy and Christian Counseling.

As to who we are, our vision and our projects, we are a team of administrative staff and board of directors whose heart is rooted spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the very end of this earth. Our ministry’s direction is clear and it’s based upon God’s will of well being for all of us. We understand that wisdom is accomplished through a multitude of counselors. Our staff is fully prepared in the areas of Christian Counseling as well as secular counseling. Our organization believes in reaching out to the youth, and needy children at an early age so that they become admirable members in our communities. We strive to serve our society. Our doors are open for the poor, the homeless, the hungry, addicts, those in jails, and those who have personal human and spiritual needs. The love of God is what moves this ministry forward.

We thank God for allowing us to form ministries.

  • Ministerio Restauración Cristiana, (New Jersey)

  • Ministerio Revelación del Reino, (New Jersey)

  • Ministerio Faro de Luz, (Orlando)

  • Ministerio Santuario del Rey, (California)

  • Ministerio Taller del Maestro, (Philadelphia)

  • Ministerio El Arca de Noel, (New York)

  • Ministerio Villa Alba, (Puerto Rico)

  • Ministerio Revelation 320, (República Dominicana)

  • Melba Fundation, (New York)

  • Nicauris Fundation, (New York)


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